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Art.no.: M124540


SQUEEZIES® Cube, to reduce stress, resumes to its original shape

The stress must be removed and relaxation is needed - our cubes in four bright colours train your hands and provide relaxation. Simply squeeze the cube to reduce stress. Due to the material's properties, the product returns to its original shape.

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Product details

  • Product dimensions:
    5.00 cm
    5.00 cm
    5.00 cm
  • Material:
    polyurethane foam
  • Weight: 35g

Customising Options

Note: The stated measurement units only serve as guidelines and can possibly deviate slightly. We will be pleased to discuss your customising requests with you personally.

Technique Position Form Dimensions
This indirect printing process based on the gravure printing principle involves blank silicon stamps (pads) being soaked with the colour image of the motif. The flexible attribute of the silicon stamp also enables the imprinting of curved surfaces in high quality. Padprinting is the most important method for imprinting plastic promotional products. It is optimal for printing one-coloured logos. For multicoloured prints, the motifs have to be checked. Patterned motifs and gradients are not possible using the pad printing method.
Front square edge: 40mm
Backside square edge: 40mm
Left side square edge: 40mm
Right side square edge: 40mm
Top square edge: 40mm
Bottom square edge: 40mm

Product features

  • stress relief

    stress relief To reduce stress, simply "crumple up". Because of the composition of the material, the product restores its original shape.