Important information about offers and orders

Information offers and orders


Please check the order confirmation for correctness immediately after receipt. 

All prices quoted are subject to change without obligation, plus VAT. 
Delivery is from our factory or warehouse in Wanderup plus packaging/shipping costs. 
For goods in stock: subject to prior sale.


Due to the current economic development it is not possible for us to guarantee a validity for 
Far East offers beyond 10 days.  


All delivery times for Far East orders are subject to change. We can only give an exact delivery date after final approval of the sample and coordination with the production plant. Even after approval, deviations may occur due to unforeseeable delays in material procurement as well as in the production process. We can only give information about the shipping date after we know the completion date.

Please therefore always inform us of fixed dates in advance.


Our plush items are handmade with the highest level of care. The hand sample (master sample) serves as a production template and comparison sample in order to achieve the best possible results and similarity in mass production. 

Please note that this is 100% handmade and that there may be deviations between the master sample and later production as well as between different batches. Due to the production process, slight deviations in size, filling, shape, colour and material of the soft toys may occur and do not constitute a reason for complaint.


Slight batch-related colour deviations in PVC items are possible due to the production process and are no reason for complaint. 

The imprint on squeaky ducks and similar PVC items is wipe but not scratch resistant. Bath additives, creams and perfume can affect the durability in certain circumstances. Due to the curved duck body, slight distortions of the print image may occur; this is technically unavoidable. 

Only the ducks from our range that are designated as “racing ducks” have stable swimming properties. Ducks with a squeaking function can be stabilised with an optional racing weight.

CityDuck® / Stadtente® are registered trademarks since 2009. All models are EU registered.


Occasionally, a white, powdery coating may form on natural rubber (patina effect). This is due to the material and is unavoidable. It is more visible on darker shades than on lighter ones. Thus, this is no cause for concern and only shows that the rubber used is a high-quality natural product. 


Colours according to colour chart. Felt is a natural material that is processed by hand. Slight deviations in size, colour and texture are due to production and are no reason for complaint. Key rings and lanyards are always eyeleted and finished with a key ring. 

The transfers are applied by hand. Slight deviations in the printing position are possible. 


ATTENTION: Not a toy! Keep away from children under 3 years! 
Supplied individually in an open polybag, marked with mbw® address, item & batch no.

The material strength or „crushability“ as well as the colours of the Squeezies® may be subject to natural variations depending on the production series. The material of the Squeezies® is sensitive to mechanical stress. Damage resulting from this does not constitute grounds for complaint. Furthermore, we ask you to refrain from sticking labels directly on the Squeezies®, as the material may tear when the stickers are removed. The surface is sensitive to solvents, which can also be found in hand creams and perfumes.  

Printing on the Squeezies® material is difficult due to the properties of the polyurethane foam. Deviations in print position and coverage are due to the material and are not grounds for complaint. When printing the globe, no exact north-south alignment can be guaranteed.

Squeezies® is a registered trademark since 1995.


All items are TÜV certified. mbw Vertriebsges. mbH is the certificate holder and this certificate is non-transferable.

When the prisms are inserted into the film, thin lines are created due to the production process, which now and then run through the reflective products (print). This does not affect the reflective properties. 
The reflective tapes and applications are produced in Germany.


All COREFLECT reflectors comply with the EN 13356 standard, which has been in force since September 2001. The necessary tests have been carried out by FIOH. 


Warning: This product contains magnets. Swallowing more than one magnet can be highly dangerous! 
In this case, consult a doctor immediately!


Please note that due to the type of production, a cutting tolerance of approx. 3-5 mm is needed. This means that lettering and logos should not be placed on the outer edges if possible. Due to the production process, a few cloths may be cut slightly crooked, as the cloths are cut in the panel. This is not a reason for complaint.    

The basic colour of the cloths is white. The print is digitally implemented (photo print). The print colours will be implemented according to the supplied print file.


Slight variations in shape and size are possible due to production and are not grounds for complaint.


In order to process your order as quickly as possible, please send us your logos and print data in the following file formats:
• .ai
• .cdr (up to version X3)
• .eps 
• .pdf 
• .jpg     (for digital direct transfers: resolution min. 300 dpi with desired final format; 
    for microfibre cloths: resolution min. 400 dpi with desired final format).

In the case of .ai, .cdr, .eps and .pdf, please convert all fonts into paths/curves. 

This can be done as follows: 
    - Illustrator: „Select“ > „Select all“ and then „Font“ > „Convert to paths“. 
    - Corel Draw: „Edit“ > „Select all“ > „Objects“ and then „Arrange“ > „Convert to curves“. 


Mr Bert® is a design line which mbw Vertriebsges. mbH has legally protected together with the designer. We offer our customers the possibility of supplementing the design line with individual figures. Such additions legally constitute a use of the protected design line. Therefore, we have to pay a fee of 300,- EUR for each addition of an individual figure. This also applies if the customer supplies the templates. The payment covers only the right to use the design line. The mbw Vertriebsges. mbH passes this payment on to the designer. 

Mr. Bert® is a registered trademark since 2010. All models are protected by EU-wide design patents.


So you also prefer to cuddle with quality? With the purchase of a plush product from the quality brand MiniFeet® you have made exactly the right choice. Selected with love and tested by independent institutes. Safe and of high quality.

MiniFeet® is a registered trademark since 2013.


Please understand that we must pass on to you any costs incurred by the customer and not culpably caused by mbw® in full and, if necessary, also retrospectively.

Sources of error here include the forwarding of incorrect delivery addresses (recipient, address, postcode), returns by the transport or shipping company to mbw® due to exceeding the depot storage period, returns due to refusal of acceptance on the part of the recipient. The fees incurred in this case are for parcels and not for shipments!