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Dear customers,

Lust for life, providing joy and surprising with added value, that is what the product campaign of mbw® offers for the year 2019.

Haptic advertising lives from new ideas and innovative approaches. The advertising materials have to address the target group and optimally support the marketing slogan. In this way, paired with added value, in other words a special benefit and distinctive appeal, promotional product with an especially long-lasting impact is created that is held in the hand several times a day.

mbw® places the right tools for successful advertising in the hands of the marketing experts. The new motifs of the Schmoozies® Tools take this literally! Not only tradesmen will clean the displays of their smartphones with screwdrivers, hammers, saws, spanners and brushes in future, care services and the medical sector will also be able to tread new paths of promotion that bring added benefit and popularity in the shape of thermometers and syringes. Equipped with such creative advertising media, one can leave the competition trailing behind armed with precisely the right tools in one’s pocket.

Talking about pockets, how about a pocket monster? The small pockets with an amusing monster face are striking eye-catchers in themselves, but these monsters are also ideal as a special form of packaging.

You’d prefer to opt for something a little larger? The new cuddly toys of the mbw® brand Minifeet® are expanding their already comprehensive collection and are thus offering even more possibilities. Discover the new OEKOTEX® series “Farm animals” comprising of a donkey, rabbit, dog, sheep, cow and a pig. You fancy something a touch more exotic? The trendy trio comprising of a flamingo, lama and meerkat, lend the advertising message likeable and international flair.

Of course, mbw® is also adding new, fresh colours to the collection of imprintable fashion for their cuddly toys. These are ideal for conveying an advertising message or logo. This is how success stories evolve! The success story of the popular character Mr. Bert® is also being continued in 2019. The anti-stress Mr. Bert® Squeezies® are being enhanced by further professions. Six of these professions are also available now as highquality pen attachments, including a high quality ballpoint pen of the brand UMA.
Addressing target groups in an even more focused manner is now possible thanks to the new “Schnabels®" motifs. In addition to many further motifs, the new bath-time playmates that round off the already extensive line-up include a transparent, glittery “Glamour Duck” with a gold or silver beak; the brewer, who serves the carnival revellers and their new carnival queen, a sporty diver and a female footballer.

mbw® offers heroic promotional products in a wide selection and with many converting possibilities. Join us on our journey and discover all the mbw® sympathy bearers who will bring your brand and message to life. Because we love life, service, quality and responsibility for people and the environment are at the heart of our actions. All products meet far more than the legal requirements. We will be happy to advise you, also with regard to custom-made products, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding EN71, GS, OekoTex etc.

Conveying lust for life and providing long-lasting joy – that is mbw® !

Jan Breuer
managing director

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