From now on you can purchase our entire range climate neutral

Increase the value of your offered promotional items and stand out from the market with a reflected awareness!

73% of consumers expect companies to act sustainably. Participate, we will help you! From now on, you can obtain all products (printed with logo or unprinted) climate-neutral on request and thus offer your customers a real added value. Because the need to receive climate-neutral goods is growing, especially among consumers.

What does that mean in concrete terms? We have been working on acting sustainably and minimizing our ecological footprint for a long time. To compensate the existing, unavoidable emissions and become climate neutral, we work together with natureOffice. The CO2 emissions of the products are calculated there and compensated by certified climate protection projects. This triad of calculation, reduction and offsetting of unavoidable emissions is the recognized path to climate neutrality.

How does CO2 offsetting work with natureOffice?
The company, founded in 2008, develops climate protection projects that meet the highest standards and are certified by TÜV SÜD, for example. After the emission values have been determined by the natureOffice calculation tool, investments are made in a climate protection project of your choice in order to compensate for the amount of CO2 emitted.

Example calculation: If we compensate the CO2 emissions of 100 printed standard ducks in blue with the climate protection project "Deutschlandmix", the costs are 2,38€.

Climate neutral products
With climate-neutral products, the CO2 emissions that are produced along the production path are calculated and offset by the targeted investment in a climate protection project. The various product categories, weights, sizes, materials, manufacturing processes, transport routes and countries of manufacture of each individual product serve as the basis for the calculation.

What is climate neutral?

Climate-neutral compensated products are products whose CO2 emissions related to its production are calculated and compensated by a climate protection project. 

This triad of calculation, reduction and compensation of unavoidable emissions is the recognized path to climate neutrality.

How does it work?

For the calculation and compensation of emissions, we use the multidimensional calculation platform "" from our partner natureOffice, which enables independent emissions calculation and neutralization of individual climate-neutral products or entire product lines. 
Our entire stock range with all products is listed in the tool. With this calculation basis, we are able to calculate the emissions per product and sold quantity and compensate them via one of the high-quality climate protection projects.

You would like to have a deeper insight into the calculation platform? We deal with it quite transparently, just contact us.

When recording our Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), natureOffice experts follow the content guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard (GHG Protocol) and the process standards of the ISO standard (ISO 14064-1). Emissions are compensated for through high-quality climate protection projects. These climate protection projects create a sustainable ecosystem and better living conditions in the respective regions. For and together with the people living there.