Sustainability at mbw®

Climate change is probably the biggest challenge of all time that we face as a global society. Each of us leaves a carbon footprint, individuals as well as companies.

To minimize our environmental footprint, we continue to work on reducing emissions. For example, we work in a state-of-the-art office building built to current energy standards.

Sustainability through durability and high quality: Our range includes haptic advertising ambassadors with character. The combination of the high quality, the material properties and the likeable appearance creates a particularly durable promotional item that is taken in hand several times a day. Our products not only make it into the hearts of customers, but also into your home and thus have a particularly long lasting life.

We want to reduce the environmental impact and avoid plastic waste!

We take the topic of packaging and reducing plastic to heart: we are gradually replacing individual packaging for our squeaky ducks with environmentally friendly paper bags. The 100% recyclable paper bags are made from 100% recycled material and are replacing the compostable poly bags that were previously used.

We are eliminating individual packaging for about 40% of the products we offer. Help us further reduce the impact of packaging waste and eliminate individual packaging from your next order. For information on your options, please contact your mbw contact person.

We always dispense with individual packaging for finished goods: Orders are packaged and shipped in 20/50 pieces. This saves us 95% of the individual packaging.

We use natural raw material and make ducks from natural rubber!

The Schnabels® family is growing steadily - now also sustainably. We make our ducks from natural rubber. This is a rubber product that is produced without petroleum. Natural rubber is a rubbery substance found in the milky sap of many different rubber plants and is therefore a natural and renewable raw material. The natural rubber ducks are not only very pleasant to the touch, but also durable, sustainable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  

The positive qualities of this product will be transferred to your image in no time:

Sustainable products

  • transport environmentally conscious values,
  • give the recipient a good feeling,
  • show that you are concerned about climate protection. 
Currently available in the following colours: blue, green, natural, red and yellow.

We recycle and make cuddly toys from 100% PET bottles!

We are always on the lookout for new, creative product ideas and also constantly inform ourselves on the subject of sustainability. Therefore, a few years ago we made it our business to make the production process sustainable in addition to the longevity of our products and searched for recycled and certified materials for our plush items. After several test series and quality and safety tests, the raw material for our RecycelBears was determined. This consists of used PET bottles and therefore 100% recycled material. We also wanted to do without additional plastic parts like plastic eyes. Therefore, eyes and nose of the RecycelBears are embroidered on. Thus, each bear is made exclusively from a material that is even GRS certified. To obtain this certification, all instances are audited: from the supplier of the plastic bottles, the participants of the disassembly and production process of the raw material, the material supplier to the factory.

As a long-lasting advertising medium made of cuddly soft plush with a noble feel and beautiful design, this teddy bear has the potential to become a beloved companion and create moments of joy - not only for children. This is how old PET bottles are turned into new sympathy carriers that will live for several years, if not decades, in the household of the recipient.

SEAQUAL® YARN: High-tech yarn made from marine litter

We support the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE and offer printed mini t-shirts for our cuddly toys made from Upcycled Marine Plastic.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean our oceans. Marine litter from our beaches, ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, is collected by clean-up programs. It is then sorted into different material types and the plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic. 

The mini T-shirts for the "All-over Print" finishing process are made from 100% Upcycled Marine Plastic from the world's oceans. In the all-over print finishing process, unlike other printing methods, motifs can be printed from seam to seam. There are almost no limits to the choice of motif.

We help to understand and learn about nature conservation: the environmental detectives - a practical example!

Do you still remember your first soft toy? What makes an emotional impression early on is kept forever. Plush animals symbolise closeness, warmth and security. They make it easier to connect and open emotional doors. In other areas of child development, too, cuddly toys in particular help to convey important messages and knowledge. A practical example shows how this can succeed:

In March 2020, the primary school in Wanderup, Schleswig-Holstein, started the project The Environmental Detectives to teach children about sustainability and environmental protection in a playful way. In cooperation with us, the children in first to fourth grade were encouraged to start a collection campaign for PET bottles.

These bottles, which the children had collected and brought to school, were symbolically made into teddy bears, the RecycelBears, so that at the end of the collection campaign, the little participants were able to enjoy "their" very own bear, made of recycled PET bottles and labelled with the individual names and logo of the environmental detectives.

We focus on climate neutrality and compensate emissions through offset measures

Not all emissions can be avoided entirely. But the good thing is that what is eliminated in one place can be saved in another. Together with natureOffice, we succeed in making a further contribution to climate protection.

How does CO2 offsetting work with natureoffice?
The company, founded in 2008, develops climate protection projects that meet the highest standards and are certified by TÜV SÜD, for example. After the determination of the emission values by natureOffice we invest in a climate protection project of its choice in order to compensate the own quantity of emitted CO2.

Climate neutral products
With climate-neutral products, the CO2 emissions that occur along the production path are calculated and offset by the targeted investment in a climate protection project.

Our RecycelBears as well as the RecycelBears ICE are the first climate neutral products in the mbw® range and many more are to follow.

Nature conservation project: PROJECT TOGO

Creating ecosystems - developing diversity 

The natural forest reforestation project PROJECT TOGO stands for certified CO2 sequestration and is accompanied by proven experts from science and civil society. Thanks to consistent transparency, PROJECT TOGO makes visible how fruitfully ecology and economy can work together and how this can improve the development of a region. The own climate protection project around natural forest reforestation, developed and implemented by natureOffice, combines nature and environmental protection with the development of social structures and self-supporting value chains.

For this purpose, PROJECT TOGO realizes self-supporting value creation units:

  • Plants for energy production,
  • water supply and soil improvement
  • Infrastructures for health and education,
  • Projects for sustainable agriculture and forestry,
  • Self-sufficiency and market production.

We print our annual catalogues climate neutrally

Even in the digital age, the printed annual catalogue is an important sales tool for us that we do not want to do without entirely. In recent years, we have already continuously adjusted the catalogue quantities to the needs of the market. We want to avoid unnecessary overproduction by making inquiries with our dealers at an early stage. Please help us to continue to turn these screws and pre-order your catalogue quantities.

Since 2020 annual catalogue, we have offset the CO2 emissions generated by voluntarily supporting a recognized climate protection project.

You can find more information here:
Project: Natural Forest Reforestation
Project-ID: DE-077-158725

Compensated amount of CO2:  40,141 t CO2e

Natural forest reforestation on the North Sea island of Amrum

Part of this compensation payment supports the work of Bergwaldprojekt e.V. on the North Sea Island of Amrum. There, forest areas that were damaged by storms, among other things, are being reforested.

The storm-damaged areas are planted with a site-appropriate, near-natural mixture of deciduous trees. With the help of the Bergwald project, the unstable forest on the island, which is surrounded by the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, is being converted into a stable mixed deciduous stand. This serves on the one hand to bind CO2 emissions and on the other hand also to protect the coast.

We are sponsors of the German Sustainability Award!

We support the German Sustainability Award on November 22, 2019 in Düsseldorf.

The participants of this award wear their printed name tags on lanyards made of wool felt, a natural, renewable, and compostable raw material. The lanyards are made by us in cooperation with sheltered workshops in Germany and are OEKO-TEX® certified.

Buy sustainable promotional gifts and invest twice in the future

Promotional products are always a future-oriented investment. After all, the aim is to attract or retain customers as well as to present certain services or products and the company in general. Every promotional item has a basic message and fulfills a marketing purpose. Sustainable promotional products add to this with their own message, as they address hot topics such as environmental protection and are an expression of your responsible actions.

By having sustainable promotional gifts printed, you are making multiple investments in the future and can hope that the resulting relationships will also be long-lasting. Sustainable promotional products at mbw® are partially recyclable. Just take the popular RecycelBear made from 100% use and recycled PET bottles. It is available in several models, such as the RecycelBear IC" in white. It is suitable as a promotional gift for children, but also appeals to adults. Sustainable promotional items for children are a worthwhile investment: this important topic is discussed in schools, and parents also attach importance to ecologically sound products for their offspring. Speaking of school children, we worked with a local school for our project with the innovative RecycelBears. The children collected empty bottles and then traded them for a bear. This was a fun way to teach them about recycling and sustainability. You could use the sustainable promotional items in a similar way or emphasize their interesting background story.

The Natural Rubber Ducks are also ecological promotional items with logo that can be ordered from mbw®. If desired, they can be personalized or refined, like many of our promotional products. The cute squeaky ducks made of natural rubber convince visually as well as with their material. 

Natural rubber, formerly simply called rubber, is a rubber-like substance in the latex of various rubber plants. The rubber-bearing latex is usually present as a milky liquid, but it may also be contained in the plant in semi-solid form. The liquid is often released by scoring the bark of the tree because it is contained in liquid form in tubular milk tubes. It is collected in containers. The natural rubber is bound in the vulcanization process and with the addition of other substances such as China clay, calcium carbonate and sulphur, among others. Vulcanization refers to processes that result in elastic behavior.