Special models & special colours

Special models according to your requirements

We develop your promotional product as a special model.

You have found the right product, but you would like to implement your own mascot or theme? No problem! Together we develop tailor-made promotional products for your advertising message. In detailed discussions with our qualified consultants we discuss your requirements and ideas. We develop your special model for you and thus the optimal promotional product. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

We offer this service for rubber ducks, plush animals, display cleaners and anti-stress items of the Squeezies® brand and for Mr. Bert®.

Your CI colours for our products – what doesn’t fit, is made to fit!

Our products in your special colours

You have found the perfect product among our collection, but it doesn’t match your CI colours? No problem! Simply tell us your desired colour and we will create a visualisation at short notice. After approval, we can even produce small minimum quantities of your totally personal product

Info sheet "Special models and colours

Tailor-made promotional products of the special kind for your company and your advertising message! In this information sheet you will find all information about special models and special colours as well as minimum quantities and delivery times.

We develop your promotional product as a special model.

Step by step to your special model:

1. Your idea

We discuss your requirements, notions and ideas and advise you about the manifold options of a special production.

2. The visualisation

Our designers put your ideas into practice and visualise the special model for you in your desired colours.

3. Your corrections

We discuss the visualisation and take note of any required changes. We improve the visualisation until approval.

4. The first sample

After order placement our product modellers produce your first sample by hand – in the case of plush animals directly in the original material. We present your special model to you and show you the haptic elaboration, which reconciles the visualisation with the technical possibilities. We take note of any possible required changes regarding the shape and carry these out.

5. The second sample

For rubber ducks, Squeezies® and Mr. Bert®, after noting your corrections a further sample is made out of a special plaster cast. This sample is dyed in your desired colours and sent to you for approval.

6. The final correction

Should you require any further changes to the colouring of the plaster cast sample, we gladly carry these out.

7. The approval

As soon as the special product meets all of your requirements, you release it for production.

8. Production and delivery

The ball starts rolling! The tools are produced for your special model and the serial production of your personal promotional products gets underway.

Depending on the product you receive your ordered quantity within a few weeks.