Products with promotional print

Customisation with your desired print

As a business owner it is particularly important to stand out from the masses and exude uniqueness. 

Are you looking for something special for your customers, employees and partners? A small compliment with heart and soul? Our likeable gift ideas are particularly suitable for this! 
Make it to your product!
Printing your logo on our products can increase the visibility and awareness of your brand. Individual refinement turns a likeable gift item into a real eye-catcher with promotional and recognition value.

A well-designed gift is usually visible to your customers, employees and partners on a daily basis and is positively associated with your brand. For example, Mr Bert® that is pressed daily to relieve stress - an absolute win-win situation for you and the recipient.

What can be printed on?
Whether it's a squeaky duck, Mr Bert® or a cuddly toy with a mini T-shirt, almost every product in our collection can be customised with a slogan, logo or motif of your choice. 

Logo printing is possible from a small quantity and in various printing processes.
Please contact us, together we will keep your personal advertising message.

Attachment positions

MiniFeet® cuddly toys + Accessories

The MiniFeet® cuddly toys can be refined in many ways. 

The following attachment positions are available:

  • on the sewn-on advertising flag (if available)
  • on the matching accessory (T-shirt, triangular scarf, scarf)
  • on an optional doming

The print areas depend on the model. You can find more information about the print areas on the product detail pages.

All-Over-Print - Accessories for cuddly toys

The attention-grabbing alternative: We print your desired design on the entire surface of the T-shirt - ideal for replicating corporate & work wear, sports jerseys or leisure wear! Discover the new possibilities!

The basic material of the printable accessories is largely made from recycled material - including SEAQUAL YARN® high-tech yarn from marine waste.

Schnabels® Squeaking Ducks

The Schnabels® squeaking ducks can be printed in the following places:

  • on the front
  • if necessary on a sticker area
  • the rump

The print areas depend on the model. You can find more information about the print areas on the product detail pages.

Mr Bert®

Mr Bert® anti-stress products can be printed in the following places:

  • on the front
  • on the back

The print areas depend on the model. You can find more information about the print areas on the product detail pages.

Customising technologies

New printing process, new possibilities: Upgrade for digital print transfer!

Direct transfer printing is getting an upgrade. From now on, coloured accessories and textiles can also be printed perfectly using transfer printing. We print your desired design in CMYK + WHITE and thus achieve a brilliant result. Whether finest details or large-scale motifs, single-colour and multi-colour logos or halftone printing and gradients - everything is possible!

The new transfer prints for textile accessories, cuddly toys, key rings and co. are produced in-house on our own new transfer printing machine. This gives you the opportunity to order samples from quantity 1, making it even easier to generate important leads.


  • Low upfront costs
  • No more register inaccuracies
  • multi-coloured logos and photo-realistic
  • motifs - even on dark textiles
  • Gradients and shading possible

Requirements for the print data:
  • Vector data (, -.eps, -.cdr, -.pdf)
  • Fonts converted to paths, recommended font thickness from approx. 1-2mm
  • no fine hairlines
  • Pixel graphics (PNG with transparent background)
  • Print data not mirrored!
  • If possible, no special colours, as printing is in CMYK.


The screen-printing method is a through-printing method, which involves the printing dye being pressed through a finely-woven mesh (screen) onto the material to be printed using a squeegee. A template on the screen prevents the dye from penetrating through to the parts that are not to be imprinted. Screen printed items have the most intensive colours because here there is a stronger application of dye compared to other printing methods. Patterned motifs and gradients are not possible using the screen-printing method.


This indirect printing process based on the gravure printing principle involves blank silicon stamps (pads) being soaked with the colour image of the motif. The flexible attribute of the silicon stamp also enables the imprinting of curved surfaces in high quality. Padprinting is the most important method for imprinting plastic promotional products. It is optimal for printing one-coloured logos. For multicoloured prints, the motifs have to be checked. Patterned motifs and gradients are not possible using the pad printing method.

Laser engraving

A high-quality engraving is achieved by processing the surface of the promotional product using a strong laser beam. Contrary to the mechanical engraving, the depth is hardly perceivable visually or haptically. Only one-coloured laser engravings are possible. Furthermore, numbering is possible

Coreflect refinement

The refinement of Coreflect reflectors depends on the model and shape. Depending on the product it is refined by screen-printing or pad-printing.

Digital prints

For Domings, stickers, microfiber cloths: In the case of this printing method, the motif is directly applied to the material after the printing data has been digitally prepared. This printing method is ideal for the realisation of photorealistic, multi-coloured logos/motifs and colour gradients.


Several products can be customised using self-adhesive stickers (among others Schnabels® rubber ducks, hard plastic reflectors, presentation bags). These stickers are created using a 4c digital print and are subsequently applied to the product. The size of the sticker depends on the respective model.


Domings are stickers printed in colour that are covered with a layer of transparent synthetic resin. Domings are a discrete, yet elegant way of customising promotional products. Domings provide brilliant colours with a 3D effect for an especially, demanding photorealistic appearance. Surfaces customised using this high-quality method are particularly durable.


File formats & resolutions

Pixel graphics

A pixel graphic consists of a grid-like arrangement of picture elements (pixels). Each pixel is assigned a colour value. The thousands of small pixels create a coherent graphic for the human eye.

The resolution of a graphic is given in dpi. dpi stands for "dots per inch", i.e. pixels per inch (2.54cm). Ideally, your artwork should have a resolution of 300 dpi.

If a pixel graphic is enlarged, the pixels also increase in size. The individual pixels become more visible and therefore the image appears coarser, more angular or "pixelated" with increasing enlargement. 

At mbw® we use pixel graphics as artwork for digital printing, stickers and doming.

Possible file extensions:
-.jpeg, -.tiff, -.png, -.gif, -.psd

Vector graphics

In a vector graphic, the image/logo is composed of geometric shapes such as lines, circles or curves. Based on these geometric shapes, the image/logo is mathematically defined. This means that a vector graphic can be enlarged (scaled) without loss of quality, as the graphic is recalculated each time.

Vector graphics are created with graphics programs such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator or similar programs.

At mbw® we use vector graphics as artwork for screen printing and pad printing. Vector graphics also promise optimal results for the other printing processes and are therefore desirable.

Possible file extensions:
-.svg,, -.eps, and -.cdr.