Visibility in traffic

Combine personal customer contact with visibility at dusk and in the dark. This is how you show your target group that you take care of them!


When it gets dark on October 31st, the "trick or treat" marches begin. For you and your advertising message, our promotional products are already set for Halloween. Just browse through our large selection.


Discover extraordinary promotional items for the Oktoberfest.

OEKO-TEX® cuddly toys

Discover our OEKO-TEX® cuddly toys now and rely on high-quality and certified promotional products from mbw®.

Magic Ducks UV Colour Change

Discover our new Schnabels "Magic Ducks". These squeaky ducks change colour under the influence of UV radiation just like magic. A great effect, which supports the promotional impact perfectly.

Schmoozies® Tools

Discover the new Schmoozies® Tools - useful helpers for craftsmen and the medical sector. With a microfibre underside, they are perfect for cleaning smooth surfaces such as mobile phone displays or screens.

Outfits and accessories for plush products

Printable fashion for MiniFeet® cuddly toys: Discover the cool accessories collection for the popular MiniFeet® series and easily create your own look!