Creative promotional products for Easter: Discover our creative and high-quality promotional products for Easter and spring.

OEKO-TEX® cuddly animals from the farm series for sustainable advertising. Discover the new OEKOTEX® series “Farm animals” comprising of a donkey, rabbit, dog, sheep, cow and a pig.

Pocket Monster: Cuddly plush monsters are simply cool. It makes kids' hearts beat even faster if they are also equipped with a small zip-up pocket for stowing away the small things in life.

Like glitter and gold:

Like glitter and gold: Discover our new transparent, glittering "Glamour Duck" with a gold or silver beak. Of course from the Schnabels® quality brand.

Schnabels® squeaky ducks

As a senior doctor or nurse in the hospital, carpenter or bricklayer on a construction site, as travelers in faraway countries or as an extra-large "Giant Duck" - our Schnabels® squeaky ducks are the perfect promotional gifts that guarantee to attract a smile. Discover the colourful world of ducks at mbw® now!

Business Heroes

Mr. Bert® resists intensive stress crumpling very easily and immediately returns to top form on his own. The ideal promotional product for coaching and human resources development, but also perfect when it gets particularly stressful in a project.

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