Benefit from the existing drive

Home improvement has become a hobby for many people in the Corona pandemic. The available time is used within one's own four walls to spruce up the home or have it spruced up. People's desire to renovate increased: at first it was the desire for new wall paint, then came the desire for a new carport, new windows, new flooring or a new roof. Corona got a lot of people working on their own homes and taking care of long-postponed investments. 

Of course, promotional products belong in every marketing mix, because they are a welcome change in the digital advertising jungle.  

Our original products can do more than just transmit advertising messages: They are likable - just look at your duck - make them an excellent new accessory in your product range, for example. It also fits perfectly in a gift set. The recipient will be amazed!
Stick out from the rest and offer trendy products that people not only like to give as gifts, but also like to receive.

Who needs the third inch rule?

Are you looking for promotional gifts for your company? Our products can also be individually printed with your logo. Learn more now!

The "get-to-know-you" bundle

You are not sure whether our products fit you and your store and would like to get to know them first? Get the get-to-know package and find out.

The "e-commerce package"

Do you sell building & crafts products online? Then choose the "e-commerce package". For shipping, we supply you directly with small shipping boxes, so you don't need to worry about that.

The "Store-Paket"

Do you run a shop locally? Then choose the "Store Package" and expand your range with an original gift item for real doers. In this package, we supply you with a counter display with printed top sign so that you can optimally place the items in the checkout area, in the shop or at the counter.

Themes: Bau & Handwerk_ENG

Nice to meet

You don't have an idea yet? Order our Mr Bert® for free and get to know him
1x Worker Bert® (M124244), blau
8.95 € Free
1x Catalogue (M116500)
2.50 € / Pieces
2.50 €
RRP - log in to see your price.
RRP - log in to see your price.
Themes: Bau & Handwerk_ENG


Get-to-know package mixed
2x Craftsman Berts
9.15 € / Pieces
3x Craftsman Rubber Duck Mixed
8.76 € / Pieces
1x Craftsman-Bert®
9.14 € Free
1x Catalogue (M116500)
2.50 € / Pieces
47.08 €
RRP - log in to see your price.
RRP - log in to see your price.
Themes: Bau & Handwerk_ENG


Pimp your Shop: Product range expansion for your online shop
8x Craftsman Berts Mixed
9.14 € / Pieces
8x Craftsman Rubber Duck Mixed
8.76 € / Pieces
16x Shipping box Neutral XS (M110086)
1.00 € Free
1x Catalogue (M116500)
2.50 € / Pieces
145.68 €
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RRP - log in to see your price.
Themes: Bau & Handwerk_ENG

Local shop

Original articles for your customers in the store
10x Craftsman Berts Mixed
9.14 € / Pieces
10x Craftsman Rubber Duck Mixed
8.76 € / Pieces
1x Counter display incl. printed top sign (M110083)
8.90 € Free
1x Catalogue (M116500)
2.50 € / Pieces
181.48 €
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RRP - log in to see your price.

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Possible examples for the use of our products:

Our products will make the person giving the gift just as happy as the person receiving the gift. Our products surprise and provide for small and big moments of happiness, for many "Aaahs" and "Ooohs". Not a high price, but the originality are in the foreground. 

It is often the small things in life that make happy and express appreciation.

Our products make sure that "advertising" is felt as a useful gift. Which medium can still claim this? Gifts communicate appreciation and unconsciously trigger the need to give something back: at least attention.

In the long term, these small attentions promote a company's image, name recognition and business relationships and create a need. Our original products - provided with your slogan or logo - have a positive effect on customer loyalty and customer acquisition. Furthermore, they can be optimally used as icebreakers and facilitate the first contact. 

Your customers will love it!

Only the best!

Do not worry when you give our products. We do not compromise on the quality of our products. As a northern German family business, we have been standing for the highest standards of safety, quality, material and processing since 1980. It goes of course that all products meet the legal requirements and in many cases exceed them. 

We make quality measurable and test numerous products intensively by renowned test institutes in Germany.

Unbeatable as a promotional item!

Why should you still rely on haptic promotional gifts in times of tight budgets and ever-growing digitalisation?

Because they work!

Values and appreciation can still be conveyed most strongly through personal gestures and small gifts. Haptics play a major role in this. We understand things that we touch. Touch facilitates the storage of information and creates closeness. Ideal prerequisites for the successful positioning of your company.

So it's high time to focus on haptic advertising media. Expand your product range with original gift items on trendy themes and make your customers, employees or partners' eyes sparkle.

Get in touch with us, we will help you!

Benefit from our Europe-wide dealer network for larger and individualised quantities, which enables us to support your projects locally.