Novelties: Our collection 2023

Cat toys

Discover our high-quality cat toys with bell, fishing or crackling function, which effortlessly promote the play and hunting instinct of your cat. Choose from a variety of colors, shapes and designs. Ideal for pet supply stores, pet food stores or as promotional giveaways at trade shows.

Personalize the toys with your logo or custom message via direct transfer printing or pad printing on the front and back of the promotional banner.

Lanky Legends

Welcome to our Lanky Legends. Cuddly buddies with long arms and legs, bringing smiles to young and old. Available in different animal shapes and colours, they are perfect as a gift for the start of school or kindergarten, or souvenirs from the theme park.

Personalise the Lanky Legends with your logo or custom message via doming or on the front and back of the promotional flag.

Heating pad covers

Our new, cheerful heat pad covers are available in many different motifs and colours. Conveniently fitted with Velcro and perfect for use in doctors' surgeries, pharmacies, schools or kindergartens, tummy aches are quickly forgotten.

Take advantage of the option to personalise the covers with your individual advertising message on a doming, the front of the exchangeable cover or the front and back of the advertising flag.

Focus on the customer!

Of course, we are constantly developing new products and expanding the range of our brands to cover relevant topics. But we are also increasingly concerned with bringing existing products to you with innovative services. 

We have already successfully implemented many things in this area and have great concepts and solutions in the pipeline - all with the aim of being an even better partner foryou. We develop all-inclusive solutions - very close to the needs of our customers. A keen sense for trends and requirements as well as responsible behaviour are always reflected in our corporate philosophy.

Browse online now or order printed version.

We have designed concepts for a wide variety of sectors and themes to make sampling easier, faster and more suitable. The industry and theme boxes are filled to the brim with articles from a wide range of product groups - always matching the industry. For each box, we show valuable ideas, areas of application and sales arguments.

New printing process, new possibilities: Update for digital print transfer!
The new transfer prints for textile accessories, cuddly toys, key rings and co. are produced in-house on our own new transfer printing machine. This gives you the opportunity to order samples from quantity 1, making it even easier to generate important leads. The desired design in CMYK + white achieves brilliant results thanks to the "DIRECT TRANSFER[plus]" process - even on coloured textiles.

Since the middle of 2022, you have been able to enjoy the so-called "Straight Through Process" (STP for short). Every order that is consumed via our web shop ends up directly in logistics in real time. The web orders are therefore picked, packed and shipped even faster. The technical development is not only in tune with the times, but also ensures that important time is saved in processing and errors can almost be eliminated.