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Art.no.: M160263

Plush rhino Leif

Plush rhino Leif - the gentle pachyderm!

Our rhino Leif, with his big, radiant eyes and the typical horn on his nose - which, of course, is also soft-looking - with cradled arms. Gentle as he is, he wants to cuddle at any time, and thanks to the cozy plush is a funny little fellow, who likes to take in his arms and cuddle. Leif is part of the fun animal parade.

EN 71 - Safety of toys
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Product details

  • Product dimensions:
    12.00 cm
    14.00 cm
    14.50 cm
  • Material:
    polyester fibers
    PET pellets in tissue bags
  • Weight: 60g

Customising Options

Note: The stated measurement units only serve as guidelines and can possibly deviate slightly. We will be pleased to discuss your customising requests with you personally.

Technique Position Form Dimensions
Doming for plastic-chip
Domings are stickers printed in colour that are covered with a layer of transparent synthetic resin. Domings are a discrete, yet elegant way of customising promotional products. Domings provide brilliant colours with a 3D effect for an especially, demanding photorealistic appearance. Surfaces customised using this high-quality method are particularly durable.
Plastic chip 23mm circle diameter: 23mm
Plastic chip 28mm circle diameter: 28mm

Care instructions

eMaximum washing temperature 30°C, delicate washing
oDo not bleach
mDo not iron
Professional textile care
UDo not dry clean
dDo not tumble dry