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Art.no.: M140818

Work uniform

Work uniform, suitable for plush animals

White workwear is a must in many areas, and every one of our plush toys makes this workout a more diligent figure - a white coat shows just the same.

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Product details

  • Product dimensions:
    11.00 cm
    18.00 cm
    5.00 cm
    17.50 cm
    23.50 cm
    5.00 cm
  • Material:
  • Weight: 17g

Customising Options

Note: The stated measurement units only serve as guidelines and can possibly deviate slightly. We will be pleased to discuss your customising requests with you personally.

Technique Position Form Dimensions
The screen-printing method is a through-printing method, which involves the printing dye being pressed through a finely-woven mesh (screen) onto the material to be printed using a squeegee. A template on the screen prevents the dye from penetrating through to the parts that are not to be imprinted. Screen printed items have the most intensive colours because here there is a stronger application of dye compared to other printing methods. Patterned motifs and gradients are not possible using the screen-printing method.
Front rectangle width: 15mm
height: 13mm
Backside rectangle width: 55mm
height: 60mm
Digital print transfer
The digital print transfer method offers the possibility of transferring photorealistic motifs with colour gradients and shadings onto textile accessories and advertising flags. The desired motif is initially printed onto a film using a digital printer. The film allows a simple positioning of the motive and is transferred by applying heat and pressure to the promotional product. This process can be implemented for light coloured accessories and advertising flags.
Backside rectangle width: 55mm
height: 60mm
Front rectangle width: 15mm
height: 13mm

Care instructions

eMaximum washing temperature 30°C, delicate washing
oDo not bleach
mDo not iron
Professional textile care
UDo not dry clean
dDo not tumble dry