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Art.no.: M130028

Magnet Bert® gardener

Magnet Bert® gardener

Herr Bert® in his leading role as a gardener. Our Bert® with the green thumb - what he takes in his hand, grows and thrives! With his green apron, he can sit in his flowerbeds without tucking his white shirt in too much. With the yellow watering can, he makes sure that none of his plants remain thirsty, his yellow hat protects him from the sun and attentively, as our Bert® is, he has a sunflower with him as a small gift - in other words, everything is perfectly organized and so it is not surprising that he makes a super figure out of soft PVC as a magnet and adheres to all suitable surfaces.

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  • Product dimensions:
    5.00 cm
    4.00 cm
    0.50 cm
  • Material:
  • Weight: 13g

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  • magnetic

    magnetic Adheres to all suitable surfaces.