May we wrap it up for you?

PVC boxes for Schnabels® and Schmoozies

The transparent PVC plastic box makes an advertising medium feel good! Measuring 86 x 86 x 86 x 86 mm, it offers sufficient space for most of our Schnabels® squeaker ducks and the MiniFeet® Schmoozies. Each product thus receives a proper framework.

Inlays for PVC boxes

Now even more individual design: Paper inserts for our PVC boxes. Design your own paper insert and transport your advertising message in a high-quality frame. The inserts are digitally printed in 4c and can be designed freely.

Upon request, we will provide you with a design template for creating the print data.

Packaging for MiniFeet®

Pack your MiniFeet® friends with our practical gift packaging. An additional 4c sticker on the transfer bag is possible from a print run of 100 pcs. upwards (1-sided), size of the sticker: max. 45 x 35 mm

Interesting facts about consumer behaviour

High-quality products and a balanced variety of assortments are becoming increasingly important, especially in retail. A study by the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (Society for Consumer Research) proves that although classic shopping is still planned with a shopping list or a shopping app, the purchase decision regarding quantity or a particular brand is actually only made at the point of sale, i.e. at the POS. This makes our products particularly valuable in a well-positioned display.

Did you know that 56% of Germans go shopping several times a week? This is your chance to offer our Pos articles. If we now add that many consumers have never filled an online shopping basket with groceries, then you will certainly understand that good Pos displays are becoming increasingly important.

This information is so important that for you as a reseller, a counter display with well-selected promotional products is becoming more and more interesting. If you are visible at the Pos with our products and present yourself well, your products will be bought. A big factor here is time. Most consumers know exactly what they want. Almost every purchase is timed and hardly allows them to look to the right or left.

A cleverly placed display with an interesting range of goods, conceivably also as a stop module, can change the minds of many shoppers.  With our know-how and our products for resellers, we can help you turn these visitors into customers too. Whether you are planning a campaign with several large displays in your shop or rather a small display for the checkout area or the sausage counter is of course up to you. But keep in mind that a variety on certain topics can be a sales driver. Your Pos products for resellers should of course also be presented well and attractively.

Tailored to your needs

Would you like a small example? Easter time = barbecue time. As soon as the weather is even moderately good, the Germans fire up the barbecue and enjoy themselves in the garden at home.

How boring is it to always bring flowers or wine as a guest? These gifts are usually quickly forgotten by the recipient. A high-quality squeaking duck with a barbecue apron and a catchy saying, will find a prominent place in the recipient's home. Even better is an anti-stress figure such as our BBQ Bert®, which not only cuts a fine figure at the barbecue, but also provides real added value for your pos thanks to its crumple function.

As an Easter gift, your displays could contain little Easter schmoozies® that not only look extremely cute, but can also be used as display cleaners for mobile phones or tablets. A great surprise for young and old, and all thanks to your Pos products.

Use the displays and products not only for holidays, but also for seasonal occasions such as the soccer World Cup, carnival or school enrolment - there is always something to celebrate. Have the right promotional ideas ready for your customers. Just think of stag parties, weddings or a girls' night. With us, you will find the right Pos product for every occasion and we can supply you with the matching stand-up display directly.

Here are a few suggestions:

Christmas Duck
Angel Bert®
Angel Duck
Duck Miner
BBQ Bert®
Soccer Bert®

Let us convince you

As a strong partner, we develop your project together and implement your wishes according to budget and sales area.

How about a combined placement or a clever cross-selling? Sell your Pos products such as sausages, steaks, sweets, crisps or other nice things together with our advertising material. For your customers, this means real added value directly at the pos - it doesn't get any better than that, does it? Cleverly used cross-selling products trigger a direct purchase impulse and thus ensure even more sales.

With display products at the counter, the measurability of the sales of the goods plays a major role. In this way, different products can also be presented and tested in the Pos, for example in the fresh product area. Flexibility is the magic word here.

We offer shelf, compartment, counter or standard displays. You can choose whether your display comes to you in plain white or whether we can have it printed according to your wishes.

Please contact us. We are happy to be there for you.