Products made from 100% recycled PET bottles

Recyclable Likeable: PET bottles to cuddle and snuggle! 

The sustainable series of RecycleBears has been extended by another family member: The MiniFeet® RecycleBear Nature!

Like his fellow bears, the super soft cuddly bear is made of 100% used and recycled plastic bottles. The bears' eyes and noses are stitched - no additional plastic parts are used. As a result, they are also recyclable themselves and help to protect the environment.

TOur RecycelBears have all been awarded the climate-neutral product certificate. This means they are among the products whose CO2 emissions have already been calculated and compensated for by a recognized, certified climate protection project - such as reforestation or the expansion of renewable energies.

Like all MiniFeet® cuddly toys, the RecycleBears also offer a variety of customization options. How about a cute mini shirt or a colorful shirt in an all-over print?

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NEW! Sea creatures

Another series made from recycled PET bottles expands the mbw range. Available in different motifs and colours!

All Recycle animals are made from 100% used and recycled plastic bottles. Eyes and nose are embroidered, so no additional plastic parts are used. These lovingly designed treasures of the sea made of soft plush are perfect for cuddling, snuggling and loving.

Meerestiere aus rPET

Our recycle series:

This is how PET bottles become the MiniFeet® RecycleBears:

First of all, the used PET bottles must be cleaned and disinfected. During this process, all remaining substances of the contents and labels are removed. What remains are the cleaned PET bottles.

The PET bottles will then be crushed to a uniform size – the result is a high-quality milled product.

The milled material is melted down and processed into "regranulate".

Afterwards the recycled material is used to produce fibres. After this process the recycled fibres are no longer distinguishable from new ones. By using these recycled fibres, valuable oil can be saved.

The recycled fibres are used to make fabric panels. These will later be used as basic material for the teddy bears.

The MiniFeet® RecycleBears are now produced with this material. The production is the same as for conventional Teddy Bears.

Advertising material for your marketing:

His troubled past you can truly not see on this cute little guy. Today sweet soft bear, but in his earlier life he was already in use as a PET bottle. 

We have compiled graphics and flyers about the RecycleBears for you to download. Use this material to introduce the new products to your customers. If you need further material, please contact us! 

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