• M160315 Gray - Plush mouse Mirja - mbw
  • M160315 Gray - Plush mouse Mirja - mbw
  • M160315 Gray - Plush mouse Mirja - mbw
  • M160315 Gray - Plush mouse Mirja - mbw
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Art.no.: M160315

Plush mouse Mirja

Plush mouse Mirja - to cuddle or just play with!

Attentively looking the big eyes of plush mouse Mirja, as if she would just wait for her to take her arm and times with her cuddles. The plush nose and the wide smile give it a soft, cuddly look. Thanks to her weighted pop, she can sit anywhere, and because her long, soft legs and big feet are so good for dangling, she can just as casually crouch on (table, cupboard, ...) edges.

EN 71 - Safety of toys
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Product details

  • Product dimensions:
    12.00 cm
    18.00 cm
    28.00 cm
    20.00 cm
  • Material:
    polyester fibers
  • Weight: 81g

Customising Options

Note: The stated measurement units only serve as guidelines and can possibly deviate slightly. We will be pleased to discuss your customising requests with you personally.

Technique Position Form Dimensions
Doming for plastic-chip Plastic chip 23mm circle diameter: 23mm
Plastic chip 28mm circle diameter: 28mm

Care instructions

eMaximum washing temperature 30°C, delicate washing
oDo not bleach
mDo not iron
Professional textile care
UDo not dry clean
dDo not tumble dry