Available colours
  • M160950 Brown - RecycleBear - mbwNEU
  • M160950 Brown - RecycleBear - mbwNEU
  • M160950 Brown - RecycleBear - mbwNEU
  • M160950 Brown - RecycleBear - mbwNEU
  • M160950 Brown - RecycleBear - mbwNEU
  • M160950 Brown - RecycleBear - mbwNEU
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Art.no.: M160950


Recyclable Likeable: RecycelBear made from 100% used and recycled PET bottles.

The super soft cuddly bears are made of 100% used and recycled plastic bottles. The eyes and noses of the bears are embroidered, no additional plastic parts are used. Therefore they are recyclable and protect the environment. Depending on the size of the article, the material from about 4-6 PET bottles (500ml) is used for the production. In this way each bear makes a valuable contribution to recycling and advertising with a sustainable effect.

KlimaneutralSustainabilityprotection of registered designsEN 71 - Safety of toys
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16,07 EUR SRP
20,23 EUR SRP

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Product details

  • Product dimensions:
    16.00 cm
    24.00 cm
    20.00 cm
    21.50 cm
    29.50 cm
    25.00 cm
  • Material:
    recycled polyester
    recycled polyester fibres
  • Weight: 106g

Customising Options

Note: The stated measurement units only serve as guidelines and can possibly deviate slightly. We will be pleased to discuss your customising requests with you personally.

Technique Position Form Dimensions
This indirect printing process based on the gravure printing principle involves blank silicon stamps (pads) being soaked with the colour image of the motif. The flexible attribute of the silicon stamp also enables the imprinting of curved surfaces in high quality. Padprinting is the most important method for imprinting plastic promotional products. It is optimal for printing one-coloured logos. For multicoloured prints, the motifs have to be checked. Patterned motifs and gradients are not possible using the pad printing method.
Label - front rectangle width: 50mm
height: 10mm
Label - rear rectangle width: 50mm
height: 10mm
Digital print transfer
The digital print transfer method offers the possibility of transferring photorealistic motifs with colour gradients and shadings onto textile accessories and advertising flags. The desired motif is initially printed onto a film using a digital printer. The film allows a simple positioning of the motive and is transferred by applying heat and pressure to the promotional product. This process can be implemented for light coloured accessories and advertising flags.
Label - rear rectangle width: 50mm
height: 10mm
Label - front rectangle width: 50mm
height: 10mm
Doming for plastic-chip
Domings are stickers printed in colour that are covered with a layer of transparent synthetic resin. Domings are a discrete, yet elegant way of customising promotional products. Domings provide brilliant colours with a 3D effect for an especially, demanding photorealistic appearance. Surfaces customised using this high-quality method are particularly durable.
Plastic chip 23mm circle diameter: 23mm
Plastic chip 28mm circle diameter: 23mm

Care instructions

eMaximum washing temperature 30°C, delicate washing
oDo not bleach
mDo not iron
Professional textile care
UDo not dry clean
dDo not tumble dry

Product features

  • Recycled material

    Recycled material The material was made from used and recycled PET bottles. This saves valuable crude oil and protects the environment. The products are also recyclable themselves.