SEAQUAL® YARN: High-tech yarn made from marine litter

It is estimated that 8 to 12 million tons of garbage end up in the oceans every year, 80% of it sinking to the ocean floor. This type of pollution is getting worse and is threatening to get out of control. These masses of trash not only threaten marine animals and destroy natural livelihoods. The microplastics released also accumulate in the food chain - with unforeseeable consequences for humans. We must do something about this!


"SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, authorities and local communities to help clean our oceans. Marine litter from our beaches, ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, is collected by clean-up programs. It is then sorted into different material types and the plastic portion is cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic. Environmentally conscious brands and manufacturers then transform this new, fully-traceable raw material into inspiring sustainable products for every aspect of our lives. Consumer purchasing power is one of the most powerful tools for change. In choosing products containing Upcycled Marine Plastic, you are helping to clean our oceans."

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mbw® has joined the global community and for the first time offers products made from this recycled material with the all-over print mini T-shirts. But how does plastic waste in the world's oceans become a printed mini T-shirt for our cuddly toys?

Here's how this process works:
The trash is collected, shredded and processed into flakes, which are then used to make pellets in the next step. These are processed into a durable yarn, which can then be dyed as part of the conventional production steps. This is also explained in a comprehensible way in SEAQUAL's video a little further down.

The mini shirts of the all-over print are made with 100% SEAQUAL® YARN!