Popularity-attracting advertising for banks and insurance firms

Discover the wide variety of promotional products with the ideal popularity return! Whether for World Savings Day, a summer festival for customers and employees, as a small gift for kids while their parents are having a personal consultation or for sponsoring local events and sports festivals – with our creative and high-quality promotional products of the special kind, you and your message will make a lasting impression – we assure you!

The special flyer for business products - add your data now and send it to your customers! Download now the special flyer with a selection of our products and edit the contents according to your wishes.

5 steps to more sales - it's that easy:
Step 1: Download PDF in the dealer download center
Step 2: Open PDF with Acrobat Reader
Step 3: Enter prices, insert company logo and contact details
Step 4: Click on the "Complete editing" button and save the PDF file
Step 5: Send PDF to your customers

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The anti-stress heroes

Declining share prices? Tough contract negotiations? Definitely a case for the anti-stress hero Mr. Bert ® by mbw®! The cult promotional product is guaranteed to never stop smiling even in the most stress-ridden situations.

All is duck, that ends well!

Place your bets on duck-strong yields and invest in the popularity-grabbing advertising of the brand Schnabels®! Discover our business ducks now!

Get the overview now!

Construction financing? Financial investments? Investment funds? One can quickly lose the overview! So rely on clean, protected displays with our Schmoozies® display cleaners and the felt pockets for smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

MiniFeet® quality cuddly toys

Simply unbeatable! The absolute bestseller for World Savings Day and as a small gift for on-site appointments: the quality cuddly toys of the MiniFeet® brand! Discover the large selection of different characters now.

Mr. Bert® piggy banks

The money investment that guarantees a smile: Our Mr. Bert® piggy banks look after the savings conscientiously. Discover the different motifs at the unbeatable special price!

Custom-made products

What doesn’t fit, will be made to fit: We put your idea into practice in a fast and convincing way! You have your own ideas or requests? Your mascots are to be made into a likeable promotional product? We support you in giving your creativeness a free rein. This info sheet provides you with all information on the theme of special models and special colours.

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