Heroes of the digital age, totally analogue.

Approx. 7 cm in diameter, the small, soft Schmoozies® from our our MiniFeet® series lie perfectly in the hand. But the fluffy, cuddly toys are capable of far more than simply looking cute: Their microfiber underside means they are perfect for cleaning flat surfaces, such as mobile phone displays or PC screens, while at the same time crying out to be petted and cuddled.

Haptic advertising with added value

Your customers will love the cute assistants! Schmoozies® excel because of their heroic cleaning power and with their microfiber underside polish up every display in a flash - the result is unique promotional products with a long-term impact!

The perfect promotional product

Can be customised with your logo and message fast! The items are embellished with a direct print (1–4c) or with a pad print (1c) on the promotional label that is attached to all Schmoozies® on the side of the product.

Cheeky fruits

Pretty cute and cheeky! We offer you a wide range of Fruit Schmoozies® - without any calories! Put together your fruit basket now and inspire your customers with fresh ideas!


The coolest thing vegetables have to offer. Our "Veggie" Schmoozies® clean every display in a flash. Discover our new models now - guaranteed without expiry date!

Wild Animals

The colourful world of Schmoozies® has many faces. Discover the diversity of our zoo animals and immerse yourself in the world of lions, zebras and co.

Schmoozies® in the box

With its personalised motif inlay card, the transparent plastic box becomes a true promotional hero. Measuring 86 x 86 x 86 mm, it offers sufficient space for your Schmoozies® promotional item – or rubber duck. The inlay card can be freely designed on both sides to suit your wishes. Take advantage of this additional advertising surface and create an unmistakable look.

Anything that doesn’t suit, is made suitable!

You have found the fitting product, but it doesn’t fit in with your CI colours? You would like to have your own mascot or theme realised? No problem! We develop tailor-made promotional products together with you to convey your advertising message. In detailed exchanges with our competent consultants, we discuss your wishes and ideas. We create a special model for you and thus the ideal promotional product. Hardly any limits are set to your creativity here.

All Schmoozies®

Themed catalogues with your own logo and address

Send themed catalogues with your logo and address data to industrial customers now. Simply edit the PDF and send it!

  • neutral, without mbw® branding
  • add your logo and contact details with just a few clicks
  • contents in german and english

All Schmoozies® XXL at a glance

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